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Millions of Americans live with chronic joint pain, some with such severe pain that it reduces their mobility or independence. At Unbroken Body Chiropractic in Pleasant Hill, California, Jonathan Adams, DC, diagnoses the cause of joint pain and provides customized, multidisciplinary treatments. He aims to relieve your pain and heal the underlying condition. Why live with joint pain? Call the practice or make an appointment online today.

Joint Pain Q&A

What causes joint pain?

All pain in your body, including joint pain, comes from one of three sources: you’re born with a painful condition, your lifestyle leads to pain, or you sustain an injury. 


Many people are born with musculoskeletal irregularities that cause joint pain. Some common congenital issues that can lead to joint pain include clubfoot, hip dysplasia, inward-curving feet, and spinal deformities like scoliosis. 


Your lifestyle, career, and hobbies can lead to painful joint conditions. For example, if you have a physically demanding job or participate in sports, repetitive movements can damage your joints and cause weakness that increases your risk of acute injury. 


You can develop joint pain following an acute or traumatic injury. For example, you could sprain an ankle during your Saturday morning soccer game or injure a joint during an automobile collision. 

Is arthritis a congenital or acquired cause of joint pain?

Arthritis includes several different diseases that cause joint pain and stiffness. While your genetics contribute to your risk, some types of the disease, like osteoarthritis, are influenced by your lifestyle, others, such as rheumatoid arthritis, are genetic. 

Additionally, traumatic joint injuries like ligament sprains and tears or fractures increase your chances of developing osteoarthritis later in life. 

When should I talk to a chiropractor about joint pain?

You should make an appointment with Dr. Adams at Unbroken Body Chiropractic if you have joint pain that persists for more than a couple of days. Most minor injuries go away on their own with rest and at-home care. Longer-lasting pain is a sign of a more serious issue. 

Choosing a chiropractor like Dr. Adams is an excellent way to address joint pain. He takes a holistic approach to health, wellness, and pain relief. In addition to adjustments and manual therapy to reduce your pain, he helps you make lifestyle changes to reduce stress on your joints. 

How is the cause of joint pain diagnosed?

Dr. Adams uses a systematic diagnostic approach. During your comprehensive exam, he begins by examining the superficial, progressively working deeper into your body to discover the root cause of your joint pain. 

His thorough diagnostic approach also enables Dr. Adams to identify the best treatments and steps to heal your joints so you can enjoy activity pain-free. 

How is joint pain treated?

Dr. Adams provides highly personalized treatment plans for joint pain. Depending on your needs, he combines different chiropractic techniques, including:

Active Release Techniques® (ART)

ART combines manipulation and movement to release tension, break up scar tissue, and increase circulation to relieve the underlying problem causing your headaches. 

Rapid Release™ Therapy

Rapid Release Therapy uses vibrations to relieve muscle tension, break up scar tissue, and improve circulation. 

Activator Method®

The Activator Method is an instrument-assisted chiropractic technique to adjust your spine and correct alignment issues. Dr. Adams uses an Activator Method device to realign your spine and relieve headaches.


Thumper is a device that applies percussion massage therapy to release muscle tension. This treatment can be used to complement other massage or chiropractic techniques.

Drop Table Technique

The drop table technique utilizes a specific chiropractic table with segments that can lift and drop down. The dropping mechanism allows the force of gravity to deliver gentle and low-velocity chiropractic adjustments.

Unbroken Body Chiropractic also offers massage and myofascial release techniques. Dr. Adams might recommend dietary adjustments and teach you exercises and stretches to practice at home.

Call Unbroken Body Chiropractic today or make an appointment online for expert diagnosis and treatment for joint pain.