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Over 15% of American adults report severe headaches that interfere with their quality of life. If you have severe or chronic headaches, contact Jonathan Adams, DC, at Unbroken Body Chiropractic in Pleasant Hill, California. Dr. Adams treats the underlying condition that causes your headaches for long-lasting relief. Call Unbroken Body Chiropractic, or schedule a consultation online today.

Headaches Q&A

What causes headaches?

Many headaches are due to muscular imbalance and boney misalignment in your jaw, neck, or back. These problems can create tension headaches or compress nerves that cause headaches and migraines. Soft tissue and neck injuries can also cause headaches. 

You might also have headaches from dehydration, certain foods, or other illnesses like the common cold, influenza, high blood pressure, and thyroid disorders. 

When should I talk to a chiropractor about headaches?

Everyone has a headache occasionally. You should make an appointment with Dr. Adams at Unbroken Body Chiropractic if you have headaches more than three times a week or if your headaches are so severe that they keep you from work, school, or other responsibilities. 

How do you treat headaches?

Dr. Adams begins with a comprehensive exam to identify the root cause of your headaches. Once determined, Dr. Adams creates a customized treatment plan to resolve the condition causing your pain. 

Dr. Adams typically works from the superficial to the deep — from your muscles to the fascia, and the bones. This thorough approach ensures that he treats all contributing factors.

Depending on your specific needs, your headache treatment plan could include:

Chiropractic Adjustments

Dr. Adams provides personalized chiropractic adjustments to correct alignment issues in your spine. He can adjust your neck to release tension and relieve your headaches. 

Myofascial Release Techniques

Myofascial release is a hands-on technique that uses pressure to release tightness in your fascia. The treatment can relieve tension that contributes to your headaches.

Active Release Techniques® (ART)

ART combines manipulation and movement to release tension, break up scar tissue, and increase circulation to relieve the underlying problem causing your headaches. 

Rapid Release™ Therapy

Rapid Release Therapy uses vibrations to relieve muscle tension, break up scar tissue, and improve circulation. 

Activator Method®

The Activator Method is an instrument-assisted chiropractic technique to adjust your spine and correct alignment issues. Dr. Adams uses an Activator Method device to realign your spine and relieve headaches. 

Lifestyle Adjustments

Chiropractic care is a holistic approach to wellness. In addition to manual treatments like adjustments, Dr. Adams might recommend dietary changes or exercises and stretches to practice at home. His goal is to help you maintain your health on your own. 

Massage therapy may also help diminish headaches with its stress and tension relieving capabilities.

If you have chronic headaches that disrupt your life, call Dr. Adams at Unbroken Body Chiropractic, or make an appointment online today.