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We are posture and balance specialist. In our work we discovery if the body is functioning in balance front to back, side to side, and top to bottom. Many times because we have left or right handedness, we have work postures and recreation postures, and a varying diet we find dysfunction in some fashion in the body. If you sought us out, dysfunction has caused you enough discomfort that it has became a distraction.

We pride ourselves in uncovering the root cause of dysfunction and resolving pain before it becomes a chronic issue. Our efforts (yours and ours!) also help reduce the impact of chronic pain encouraging the natural healing process of the body. Most importantly our quarterly checkin's really help identify dysfunctional patterns in movement, work, stress, nutrition, recreation, fitness, oh how the list can go on, that can take a turn for the worse if not managed promptly.

Stay on top and in optimal health and learn how allowing us to work with you can make it far easier than you could ever imagine.

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