Distance learning physical education, with a pandemic, with half the state on fire . . .

Safe and sane in 2020?

Distance learning presents a unique opportunity to be creative with your movement. I like to encourage breaks to prevent the body from collapsing into a curled up ball. What about getting that heart rate up? Stretching out those achy joints and burning some of that physical energy (which is suitable for a mental re-charge between classes.) Yes! Recess! If you have only 5 to 10 minutes, then yes, take a short stroll outside (air quality permitting.) If not, wonky walks around the house will work just as well.

PE in the living room!

Now, its time for free play, recess, get some of that energy out. Whether you have a pod or a single-family setup, being stuck inside doesn’t need to slow you down. Many folks are using Clever as part of their distance package, which makes good use of Noodle TV. Established seven years ago, it has kid-friendly, high energy dance and funny videos, interactive educational videos, or even big kid training in your living room. You will begin to recognize dancers and personalities. A great platform to start moving, laughing, and build on too.

Want more than digital coaches or want to flex those do it your self muscles? Take a look at Open. Established six years ago and utilized by school districts in Los Angels, San Francisco, Alameda, and Oakland. It is an online resource for those working with physical education programs working towards outcome goals. Regardless of your needs, there are many resources to plan and execute games or challenges for the developing student. 

Both of these online resources have free access to online content. Remember, it is about having a go-to for simple transitions when the time for movement comes. Trust your little ones will love more complicated routines found in Yoga and Pilates as well. It is necessary to appreciate they will not have the same level of strength or control, for some as late as mid to late teens. Enjoy the opportunity to ground in and get some movement yourself with the family!

I must get outside!

For all the outdoor crews, basketball, baseball, football, golf, etc. don’t throw balls in the house! Yes, you can go outside. You need to wear a respirator because the air has ash in it that will make you sick if you breathe too much. A COVID mask is not designed for that type of particulate and is not as effective. Whether you have a high level of protection or none at all, there is no prescribed time you can play outside. Watch out for symptoms of too much poor air quality:  Coughing, sore throat, wheezing, difficulty breathing, chest tightness. Planning can also be a benefit, using AirNow to strategize when outside play is best. If using AirNow, here is a color-coded guide on the timing and types of outdoor activities. All of these resources can be found in this PDF from The Wildfire Smoke Guide for Public Health Officials 2019 version.

Above all else, enjoy yourselves!

Jonathan Adams DC Dr. Jonathan Adams is a licensed chiropractor and massage therapist with over ten years of service in his community. He specializes in whole-body movement and functionality. He incorporates these skills and more in his treatment plans; ART, massage therapy, cupping, and physical therapy. Dr. Jonathan Adams believes in living your best pain-free life by teaching you how to control your health. He is confident, caring, listens well, knowledgable, and cares for his patients.

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