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Unbroken Body Chiropractic proudly provides a diverse strategy to chiropractic care that integrates a holistic approach to medicine with modern health care. Led by Jonathan Adams, DC, the advanced chiropractic practice serves patients of all ages in Pleasant Hill, California.

When patients enter Unbroken Body Chiropractic, a caring, comfortable, and compassionate office environment welcomes them. The practice aims to inspire their patient community to appreciate their bodies, understand their personal health needs, and empower them to accomplish their health goals.

Dr. Jon understands the importance of listening to all of his patients and their health needs. He maintains transparency with patients while providing consultations, diagnoses, and personalized treatments for optimal outcomes.

Unbroken Body Chiropractic provides high-quality chiropractic adjustments that restore and maintain biological and neurological function. Patients with an array of conditions, such as headaches, sciatica, joint pain, back pain, neck pain, and pinched nerves, receive exceptional care. Treatments for injuries sustained in car accidents, such as whiplash, spine injuries, and soft tissue injuries, are also a specialty.

The providers stay current with research, nutrition, and health trends for best clinical practice. They offer a variety of advanced chiropractic techniques such as myofascial release techniques, Active Release Techniques®, Rapid Release™ Therapy, Activator Method®, Thumper®, drop table technique, and pregnancy bolster adjustments.

They also have training in strategic approaches to massage that are proven to encourage optimal circulation, flush metabolic waste, and decrease emotional stress.

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Words from our patients

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    "Dr. Jon has given me hope that I can live a quality life without pain and that is an incredible blessing. Thank you Dr. Jon."

    Greg U.
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    "He approaches the work from such a different viewpoint and so holistically, it makes SENSE and it WORKS. If you are in any kind of pain, do not wait. Go see him."

    Katelynn S.
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    "They are truly amazing chiropractors. We also talked about digestives issues and how my nerves play a part in it. I fully trust Dr. Adams with my chiropractor."

    Alex G.
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    "His approach is one from a true desire to help others. He is friendly and comfortable to be around."

    Nicole S.
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    "He spent a lot of time giving me advice on things I can do at home to help manage as well. Much appreciated!"

    Ashley P.
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